The Unfolding Of A Silence

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Until that moment, I had not considered myself an artist. Those words changed me forever. Now I embrace my craft, and role as an artist who's mission it is to support the growth of other artists.

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Before the start of every gathering, I invite all of the artists and teachers to sit in a sharing circle. I always start by pointing to our program and saying - "That program over there hanging on the wall is written in ink, not in stone. I would like to invite you all to take that outline as nothing more than a set of suggestions, a safety net. This is not a formal event. You are invited to be courageous and playful.

I invite you to support each other and ask for help. All of you have agreed to support of each other in this experiment.


All of you know what is possible when we remove the mind and our mental limitations and allow spirit to guide us. I invite you to go off script, often. I invite you to take us beyond our program, take chances and above all, have fun! I feel the answer is both and neither. It's not overwhelming, chaotic and scattered like most festivals and it's not structured and inflexible like most retreats. It's my attempt to take a couple hundred people on a magic carpet ride.

To use art as a tool for transformation. To travel outside of our known universe for a brief moment in time and expand on what we believe is possible. These days there is so much talk of humanity moving into the 5th dimension. However, those ravenous readers, those ecstatic artists, they know exactly what it feels like to be outside of space and time. A good story, told in any of a thousand ways, will take you "there" every time. Subscribe Join now Join our mailing list today! Charlesia longs for life on Diego Garcia, where she spent her days harvesting coconuts and her nights dancing to sega music.

Patel, a Mauritian journalist, uses her cast of characters to narrate a keenly observed story, translated from French, about displacement…. A fierce and evocative telling of the strangled arc of a peace-loving people. This is a moving exploration of helplessness in the face of global powers. Patel seeks to right wrongs and secure overdue justice. Ferrando, Maria. Freire, Dinajara Doju. Batson, Glenna. Weber, Rebecca. Whatley, Sarah. Chicago: Intellect.

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The Silence After Love: The Gift of Space in the Month of Cheshvan - Hazon

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Tribute to Steve Roach's Structures From Silence by Quiet Friends - Music for Meditation Muzak VHS

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