Dead Spot: Just because youre home, doesnt mean the war is over...

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You illuminate, renew, Take the sad out of the blue Songbird what would I do without you What would I do without you. All songs written by Eilen Jewell I Remember You I remember you You were full of broken bones I tried to bring you cigarettes You said just leave me alone I remember you You were locked in a padded room I tried to teach you solitaire You just hollered at the moon I remember you I remember you.

Queen of the Minor Key The day I was born a gypsy looked at me She told my mama she could easily see Just how bright my future would be For I was gonna be royalty. Santa Fe You picked up a broken bottle In case anyone gave us any trouble And we walked all the way back to Cortez.

Little boy down the street We all heard you mournfully Call again and again for Roberta Roberta…. They were warning signs, warning signs, warning signs They told me you were evil but I want you for mine. He appeared to be about two years of age A really freaky thing to see He was bragging about his sawed-off six gauge Hidden right up his tattered sleeve.

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He fired off a few hot rounds Right into the sorry crowd No blood, no gore, no one hit the ground They all just fell in love With whoever they happened to be around. Another day another highway An endless ribbon of blue My life is a long road Winding slowly back to you. Home to Me Wind carries wildfire, wind carries the seeds Wind will carry my love home to me It drove him away on a southern breeze Wind will bring my love home to me. The sun brings the daylight, sun brings the heat Sun will bring my love home to me It drove him away with a million degrees Sun will bring my love home to me.

The night wind weeps, a high barren sound My love sleeps beneath the bitter ground And on his breast his cold hands hold, In lonesome rest, his sweet rose. Well, you make it shake it and I know you like it babe Well, you make it shake it and I know I like it babe Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake baby Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake baby.

Dead Spot: Just Because You're Home, Doesn't Mean The War Is Over...

See the highway sign Where the sages grow The tumbleweeds they tumble And the dust clouds roll. I want to gather them all up Follow the threads of their soul To the end Where it all feels like home. Gillon aka Tommy Scott, M. Well, the only thing that moves Is the laundry on the line And a dusty dog that bites Just to kill the time.

I prefer hell to nowhere at all It stops and the whole thing falls Wake me now or make me stay Inside this empty weight This empty weight. Darkest Day L. They turn their backs And they put me out They build me up Just to bring me down Like pieces of pages and scattered shreds Tattered thoughts and worn-out threads Torn up words and loose change Burnt up bits of cellophane Everywhere, everywhere I go Everywhere, everywhere I go.

Oooh codeine arms, Wrap around me safe and warm Under the light of your sweet charms Save me, save me codeine arms. Until now no one was prepared to give them deal. Certainly not the Kurds who live there. He even said it was already under way on Thursday evening.

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But the YPG showed no readiness to surrender that territory. For its part the US Senate seemed particularly unconvinced. The Democratic senator Chris Murphy was even more blunt. The choice of hours for the length of ceasefire may not have been an accident. That is where the real outline of a settlement will be hammered out, argued Jennifer Cafarella, researcher director at the Institute for the Study of War. Quick guide What is happening in north-eastern Syria? Show Hide Who is in control in north-eastern Syria?

How did the SDF come to control the region? Why does Turkey oppose the Kurds? How would a Turkish incursion impact on Isis? Topics Turkey.

While Everyone In DC Talks About Ukraine, There’s An Actual War Going On

She was cut down with a shopping bag in her hand. Dozens of civilians with whom I spoke echoed her sentiments and said they hoped their new president could strike a deal to end more than five years of fighting.

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After winning a popular mandate in the recent presidential elections, Zelensky has taken up the challenging task of negotiating a resolution to the conflict with Putin. The two have taken small steps in recent weeks that include a major prisoner exchange , the restoration of a key bridge that had been blown up and the withdrawal of forces from three locations on the front line.

The US has supported his efforts, but the extent of that help has come into question amid the impeachment inquiry and the revelation that Trump was leveraging military support — as well as a coveted White House visit — to get the Ukrainian leader to do his personal bidding. They said they saw signs in August and September that Putin was acting more aggressively to pile pressure on Zelensky ahead of much-anticipated peace talks, for which the sides have set a date. While nobody is holding their breath for a breakthrough, anyone who knows a thing or two about the war in the Donbas will tell you this may be the best chance to put an end to it.

Their ambulances are rusty Soviet-made off-road vehicles that look like Volkswagen buses. Their operating bases are ramshackle cottages and garages polka-dotted with bullet holes. Their dugouts are muddy and lined with wood that they sometimes rip down to burn in stoves when the temperature falls below freezing. And their guns are Kalashnikov rifles from aging stockpiles, reliable but inaccurate.

Indeed, the bits and pieces that remind you that the war is being fought in are few and far between — and many have come from Washington. They include counterbattery radar systems, Humvee ambulances, night vision sights, Raven drones, bulletproof vests, modern medical equipment, and battlefield first aid kits. It was , and grenades and mortars were crashing down in rapid succession, wreaking havoc on Ukrainian positions on the edge of Stanytsia Luhanska. Krupko didn't know where the artillery was coming from but could tell it was somewhere beyond the opposing hillside.

In the melee, Krupko switched on a counterbattery radar system that had been delivered to Ukraine as part of a US military aid package. There, a chain-smoking officer with piercing blue eyes by the name of Valentin showed off an American Humvee ambulance. The Ukrainian military suffers casualties there on an almost daily basis.

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To reach the forsaken village of Opytne, you need to drive over a makeshift dirt road that cuts through a minefield. Horpynych was born as World War II broke out, she told me at her modest cottage, which has fallen into disarray after being pummeled by mortars and rockets, a consequence of living within sight of the destroyed Donetsk airport.

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If the war comes to an end, soldiers and residents in eastern Ukraine will be able to begin piecing their lives back together. For Horpynych, that will mean she can visit the grave of her son, Viktor. Not long after, that neighbor came running over to say that Viktor had been hit in the head with shrapnel from a rocket that had exploded beside them.