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He begins to question Metatron about the Darkness. Metatron tries to act as though he doesn't understand, but when pushed instead begins to snark, confident that Cass is traumatized and afraid, and can't hit him because of that fear. Cass lets loose and finally punches Metatron, stating, 'it's not fear. Back at Crowley's lair, Jervis hears Crowley calling from around the corner.

He approaches to find Dean instead, playing a recording of Crowley from Dean's cellphone. As the demon rushes Dean, Sam tackles him from the side and cuffs him. Other demons are heard coming down the hall, and Sam tells Dean he'll handle the goons while Dean takes Amara out. Dean enters Amara's room where she is calmly waiting for him. Something passes between them and Dean apologizes as he brandishes Ruby's knife. A moment passes and Crowley is heard behind Dean, tossing Dean at the wall and knocking the knife out of his hands.

Crowley pins Dean to a pillar in the room, and Dean confronts Crowley for wanting to use Amara, control her. Crowley picks up Ruby's knife and monologues about why he wasn't able, before, to kill Dean because of their shared experiences, their "bromance. He spins to confront her and she freezes him. She pressures him with her power, first causing him to drop the knife, then snapping his arm and throwing him across the room, pinning him to the wall.

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She holds Crowley pinned with one hand, keeping Dean pinned to the pillar with the other. A beaten Metatron again gives a speech about how everyone used Castiel, prompting Cass to kick him.

Sam is in the hallway being confronted by two demons. He takes the angel blade he was holding up and sheaths it, instead rushing them for a tackle. As Cass questions Metatron again, Metatron taunts him that he wasn't fixed even though he got his grace back.

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Cass growls only "the Darkness' as he grips Metatron by the throat. Crowley tries to ask Amara why she is hurting him, so she accuses him of not being able to protect her. She tells him she doesn't need him, and that they're done. Sam continues to fight the two demons in the hallway, trying to subdue the demons and cuff them rather than killing them and their vessels.

However, one of the demons is too much for him, and Sam is forced to kill him. As Castiel continues punching Metatron over and over, Metatron begs for Cass to end it. Cass refuses to kill Metatron, shaking off the blood from his hand. Sam looks back over the two cuffed demons and the one dead one. He heads around the hallway to find Dean. Crowley is still pinned by Amara as Sam pounds on the door.

Dean is loose and begins to go to Sam, but Amara pins him back to the pillar. Sam tries to get in the door but is overpowered by a vision: fingers grasping through cracks in a wall. Amara threatens to kill Crowley unless he grants Dean safe passage.

The Little World of the Past

He agrees and she tells him to get out of her room. Dean can move as Amara focuses all her power on Crowley, but stands for a time watching her scene with Crowley play out. Once Crowley vanishes, Dean picks up Ruby's knife and approaches Amara, who scoffs at Dean's attempt to kill her. Metatron continues begging Castiel to help him. Cass turns Metatron's words about being happy as a human back on him.

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Metatron admits that he was lying, and his life is terrible. Castiel tells him he is sick of having his strings pulled and won't be manipulated anymore. He orders Metatron to tell him about the Darkness. He tells Cass that people want God to be effortlessly omnipotent, magic, but the truth is that He had to work and sacrifice to make the world.

He sacrificed His only kin — The Darkness. His sister. Amara asks Dean what is happening between them. Dean seems mesmerized by her. It is told with such love and the story is so effective because it is so universal. At the same time, it is very French, in the best possible way. As a child, you do not realize the love that your parents had for you, but as a parent, you understand that it does not matter whether your child understands, only that he or she feels that love. This is a love story in every way. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

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Management is good. Hardest part of the job is to maintain office during server down time. Most enjoyable part is conducting camps and having discussion with village peoples. Was this review helpful? Very good working environment. Work environment is very good. No more involment of management in each and every matter, this makes work peaceful and smoothness and also accurate.

All employees are good. One can enjoy office culture.