Carved in Stone (Ruins and Relics)

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The Evidence is Cut in Stone: A Compelling Argument for Lost High Technology in Ancient Egypt

COPAN Copan is thought to be the second largest ancient metropolis in the southern half of the peninsula and a great seat of learning for ancient inhabitants. The city is dated at A.

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Elaborately carved altars and monoliths stelae found in the plaza represent the efforts of the great sculptors of their time. A superb hieroglyphic stairway, 33 feet wide and with 62 steps, contains between 1, and 2, glyphs. Researchers believe that the exact length of intervals between eclipses was first calibrated here.

Ancient Artifacts that Challenge Modern Archaeological Thinking

It is also thought that great astronomers and mathematicians regulated the lives of the people by astrological soothsaying. Various dates have been assigned to them, but they appear to have been built about B. The largest building that remains is the Pyramid of the Sun; nearby are twelve altar buildings. The total area covered by the pyramid is larger than that covered by the great pyramid at Cheops, Egypt. Concourses, plazas, palaces, public buildings, and many other dwellings still remain.

Cement streets cover underground drain conduits.

Holy Site - a museum containing relics... - Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt

Walls are plastered or decorated with murals. Gold work, articles of precious jade, obsidian, bracelets of gold and silver, a gold diadem, an elegant translucent vessel, and many other exquisite artifacts have been unearthed in this ancient city.

Large freestanding basalt sculptures of human heads were made by these people and are considered by some scholars to be the portraits of nobles. This unknown people must have been unusually gifted in engineering as well as in art, since the material from which these great carvings were made had to be hauled over fifty miles from the Tuxtla mountains northwest of La Venta.

The massive heads, some measuring almost ten feet in height, are one of the triumphs of ancient American art, yet their function and purpose remain a mystery. At a later time, La Venta apparently drew people from far and near to worship Quetzalcoatl, and here the cross was carved into the stone walls five centuries before the birth of Christ. A four-story tower rises from the complex, and a series of stairs extends from the ground level to the top.

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It is believed this was used as both an astronomical observatory and a watchtower. Inside the Temple of Inscriptions, located near this tower and below ground level, is a burial tomb containing the body of a seventh century dignitary.

On the surface of the sarcophagus lid, there appears to be the Tree of Life insignia carved in the shape of a cross. Containing three faces, it was discovered in the townland of Drumeague. Set among this wild natural beauty are the stone ruins and relics of a past that On the grounds of the Church of Ireland there is a finely carved stone cross and. Mayan ruins at Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico AP The stone figure, sold by a private collector, was said to be an example of Pre-Columbian pieces, had been made recently and were carved to give an ancient appearance.

Planet Earth is home to some spectacular relics from bygone eras,.

Most RECENT Archaeological Discoveries In ANCIENT EGYPT!

Carved from stone, the nearly human figures are sprinkled along the. Atadage in ruins, contained eight relics including the highly revered A semicircular carved stone on the floor called sandakada pahana or. A Christian symbol carved into stone at the ancient site. And outside of the nondescript Ruins Council office, precious artifacts are simply. Image of antique, ancient, maya -.